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There are a lot of websites with embedded Vimeo videos for training or education purposes. Most likely these videos are domain-level privacy protected. That means only the specific website is permitted to embed the videos. If you try to embed the video on another website you will receive an error message.

Of course it’s very easy to identify the URL of the Vimeo video via the source code of the website but this doesn’t help you. The same error will be displayed if you attempt to access the video directly.


Because of its privacy settings, this video cannot be played here.

Furthermore it’s not possible to download the video. There are numerous video download tools which promise a fast and easy download but they will all fail.

Download Vimeo videos

If you dig deeper into the privacy settings of Vimeo you will notice how domain-level privacy is working. Generally it’s no real security feature because it’s only based on the HTTP referer. So it’s no problem to handle this.

First of all we need free web debugging proxy Fiddler. This tool allows us to capture, analyze and modify HTTP and HTTPS traffic. You can download Fiddler here. Please use Fiddler 4 if possible which requires .NET Framework 4.

When the installation is finished please launch Fiddler. Now select „Rules“ from the menu and then „Customize Rules…“ (or CTRL + R).

A pop-up appears and wants to know if you want to download and install Fiddler2 ScriptEditor. I recommend that because it’s much easier to do the necessary changes with this editor than in Notepad.

In ScriptEditor search for „OnBeforeRequest“. This is where you can put the code to add or modify HTTP headers. We want to add a specific HTTP referer to all requests for Vimeo videos. Enter the following rules and don’t forget to adapt the referer.

if (oSession.uriContains("")) {
	oSession.oRequest.headers.Add("Referer", "");           
if (oSession.uriContains("")) {
    oSession.oRequest.headers.Add("Referer", "");

Save the File and close ScriptEditor, but leave Fiddler running. The Fiddler part is finished.

The only thing left to do is pointing your download tool to use Fiddler. You can achieve this with configuring a proxy server. I will not discuss it in detail because every software handles this differently. Just add a HTTP proxy with host „localhost“ and port „8888“.

Finally you should be able to download privacy protected Vimeo videos.


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16 Antworten

    • Tobi sagt:

      Yes it’s still working with small adjustments.

      First of all you have to use two fiddler script rules (see article I updated it). Moreover your referrer should be only „“. The third thing is make sure that Fiddler decrypts HTTPS connections and trust the Fiddler Root-CA.

  1. Rodrigo sagt:

    Thank you man!
    Solved my problem!

  2. Ion sagt:

    Hello Tobi

    What is the download tool? Do you mean the Windows Download Tool? Or is an different program for download?

    • Tobi sagt:

      I didn’t refer to a special program. You could use your browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc.) or for example special download tools like JDownloader.

  3. Ion sagt:

    Hello Tobi

    You a great man. Thank you so much for
    beeing so kind and for your time. Your advices
    helped me to solve my problem.
    Thanks again.

  4. Dan sagt:

    Hi, I do not have a referrer – I only have a vimeo link e.g.

    In case a referred is necessary i pasted the link on a site I have access to:

    Would that work?

    Also I am not sure how to set up proxy 100% – i googled it and in lan advanced settings for internet explorer i just put htp:// and 8888 for the port…. but it all just gets stuck.

    Not sure where i’m going wrong, with the referrer or proxy?

  5. sam sagt:


    I followed your instruction and I no longer get the privacy error, however I still cannot find the source .mp4 file to download. Tried via inspecting element in chrome& firefox and tried using jdownloader however i’m not very familiar with it?

    the vimeo link is :

    What else must be done to extract video file from the vimeo link?

    • Tobi sagt:

      You are really close to your target. Go to your chrome tab where you can view the video. Right click the video and select „View page source“. After that search for „.mp4“.
      You should get four results. These are the originate URLs of the video. Try all URLs until you find the video with the highest resolution. Now paste that URL into a new tab and again right click on the video. Choose „Save video as…“ and the download starts.

    • Alex P. sagt:

      Hi! It works in this way . The link contains a long string similar with this one:…./339588987.mp4?token=….. the video file that ca be download by right click. Thanks Tobi!

  6. Ruslan sagt:

    If you don’t want to deal with local proxy setup you can use Referer Control plugin for Chrome. You just set what you want to have as a referrer for and it will automatically change it every time you open private videos.

  7. zasid sagt:

    Will this going to work with this as its already using the HTTPS and not HTTP ? its the most hardest website to download embeded vimeo videos. Please reply when you get chance many thanks for your help on this.

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